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The venue... amazingly unlikely! They dare to be different by establishing a top-notch eatery in what used to be a tram depot.

Located in Trivières, not far away from the city of La Louvière, L'Origine restaurant is an exhilarating experience guaranteed to stimulate your senses.

First of all it is a feast for the eyes in this multi-facetted establishment. The restaurant is obviously a joy to behold but so is the reception room.

Our restaurant is organised on the basis of attractive-looking alcoves all dressed to the nines, different sizes, as opportunities for eating, of course, but also for buying (and tasting) the finest wines.

The kitchen is manned by our chef Thierry Balzarini, who really puts his heart and soul into his work. His culinary skills offer globally-oriented gourmet treats with a definite penchant for French and Mediterranean cuisine. The passion for sun-drenched offerings is reflected in Thierry's eyes, as he invites you to discover his unique approach to the culinary arts.

Meanwhile, Angelo would like you to share his taste for the fine wines he selects and, more importantly, personally imports from Italy or other countries where the land is rich and conducive to wine-growing.